About Us

Khairul Auto Flour Mills one of the leading privately owned Flour Mills in Pabna, Bangladesh. It has created 250 permanent and temporary jobs and also maintaining strong ethics, corporate social responsibilities. Its production capacity is 400 – 450 mt per day. The storage capacity is 12,000 mt on site and 28,000 mt outside the warehouse. It has riverside and roadside loading/unloading capacity. The riverside terminal can easily unload 22,000 – 28,000 mt ship/vessel. This entity currently manufactures 50kg and 74kg bags of plain flour and also 37kg and 55kg bags of bran. Mostly, the wheats are being purchased from the local traders, where the local traders are the commission agents of Chittagong importer. Khairul Auto Flour Mills require 2-3 kinds of wheat which include 13.5% protein level and white wheat 10.5% protein. Above all, this company is increasing its operation and years of expertise in manufacturing flour and brans. As a result, Khairul Auto Flour Mills has built up long-term relationships with suppliers and enabling us to provide customers with competitively priced flour, quality assurance, product consistency, reliability wheat and provide excellent services to its stakeholders.